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07Mar 16

Pinokkio is telling me: spring is not far off

It is the beginning of March and as always, we're all desperate for spring to arrive. Yesterday when I was brushing my little project turned friend Pinokkio, I saw to my delight the first few winter hairs letting go. However, this also has put me on alert as it inevitably will be going hand in hand with some horses changing their attitude temporarily and generally for the worst, which will make my job a little trickier for a little while. Some horses are more prone to this phenomenon than others; some become listless, others unreliable and a bit 'weird in the head'.

When you think of it, what a process, not only all that hair being released, but also a whole new summer coat has to be produced and installed. And that at a time that nature's food supply is at its poorest. It certainly is one of the toughest times of the year to be on top of our horse's diet and we have to be on alert to increase feeds in time, especially the ones living out. The fields are barren and chewed up and some horses can drop their weight overnight, which is of course nicely hidden by their rug.  

But..... watch the weather forecast as the change can be quick and all of a sudden the grass is growing fast and soon there will be that lovely day when your horse will be begging you for its first roll without a blanket.... in the mud, of course! No better way than to get rid of some of that itchy winter coat.  



Dressage Training

Dressage training needs variety, including pole work

Dressage Training

Dressage training needs variety, including pole work

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