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10Jun 16

Part of the ride

It all began some twenty years ago. My great friend Sjakkie would turn up regularly with first only little Joscelyn, and a few years later her little baby-brother Petroc, as well. I loved them both equally as much, but of course could not help but notice Jos's face lighting up when she saw my horses.

Fergie, my broodmare, was extremely safe and it didn't take any convincing for Jos to be thrown up on top. 'Hoho, it's windy up here.' I shall never forget that moment. First of all, my nickname, how do they make it up! Second, how funny but also how true. She was now some five feet higher up than she'd ever been and the world felt and looked so very different.

Jos was only four years-old when, all by herself, she would help me getting my mare Marie bandaged up. At the time my back was not good, hence the fact I would first put a bandage at each leg before crawling around on hands and knees in order to put them on. Jos would make sure they were in exactly the right place, also occasionally undoing one in order to roll it back up. I always made sure to have one handy in my pocket so as not to make her feel bad. Inevitably she started at the wrong end.

Next thing was, we had to find her a little old trustworthy pony and, yes, there happened to be one next door. Thirty years old, going strong and man, could this thing bite when I was off-guard wandering along the Cornish lanes with Jos happily pulling the wild flowers out of the hedgerow, chatting away for dear life. The pony was called Sunny, but Jos didn't think much of this and changed it all by herself into 'Sunshine Georgia'.

Time moved on and the family moved to Holland, in order to be closer to family. Wringford became their second home for much of the summer holidays and Jos, having regular lessons at her local riding school, was able to ride my mare Marie and the very kind livery horse Frost. 

And now, well, here we are; with the great help of Neel Schakel-van Klei of riding school 'Schakel' in Ameide, Joscelyn is now not only officially assistant-instructor but also very close to being able to compete Medium on Zorro, a smart bay gelding belonging to the riding school.

Congratulations, Jos, and I've loved being part of the ride!


Pictures: Joscelyn Weychan, on my broodmare Fergie, with 'Sunshine Georgia' and recently with Zorro


Dressage Training

Dressage training needs variety, including pole work

Dressage Training

Dressage training needs variety, including pole work

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