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10Apr 15

Meet Tristan Tucker

Meet Tristan Tucker
I felt a little self-conscious, to say the least, when, some weeks ago, I walked up to the table where Tristan Tucker was seated at the international horse show 'Jumping Amsterdam': local horse trainer meets young and famous super horseman. 

The first time his name was mentioned was when I went to teach a new pupil of mine, just over a year ago. She told me she had had a one-off lesson from this really great trainer from Australia who now lived in Holland and happened to be great friends with her husband. I politely allowed all of it to go one ear in, one ear out, whereas in the meantime I thought: oh no, not an other one. There are so many 'horse whisperers' around these days that it is basically driving me potty. 
Tristan, I wholeheartedly apologize. By now I have gathered enough information about you in order to realize how wrong I was.
Tristan Tucker grew up in Australia and came to Europe in 2000 in order to settle in Holland three years ago. He  also has an aunt in Cornwall about three miles down the road from me.... small world.
Through years of studying the horse and its character and its behavior in many different situations, including taking the best bits and pieces from all kinds of different approaches and techniques, he has developed a most open-minded and horse-friendly training system which enables the horse to be totally trusting and confident during its training- and competition career.
As a Grand Prix rider he is able to tackle any problem to the highest level and, most importantly, finally breaks down barriers between cowboy hats and all other riding hats.
What I really like about him, he is no-nonsense and quiet, thinks 'outside the box' and, very important, is always respectful of the people he works with. His dry sense of humor makes his sessions fun and entertaining. 
Tristan, between his demonstrations in many different countries and his own yard, is a very busy man.
So I was very pleased to be able to have a brief but positive chat with him about the possibility of a clinic and demonstration in Cornwall.
I am convinced that anyone who takes up on the opportunity to have a training session with Tristan will benefit hugely. In particular the ones with horses which are sharp, have an inconsistent competition attitude, or worse.
You can find Tristan on You Tube with his demo's and they are really great to watch. Dates available as soon as possible.
Tristan's website is:


Would be very excited if you can get Tristan over to do a clinic! Please keep me informed. currently I am based in Jersey so travel can be complex< but weather and ferry permittting would consider bringing my horse. Many thanks Liz, Jane Vapenik
, 4th June 2016

Dressage Training

Dressage training needs variety, including pole work

Dressage Training

Dressage training needs variety, including pole work

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