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03Nov 15

Caroline Creighton

Many years ago, having just moved to Cornwall, I was a fence judge at the then still affiliated event at Lanhydrock. Every now and then the same person came by on yet a different horse. She seemed very relaxed as she even took the time to say 'hello again' when clearing the jump in great style.  She probably had four horses there, from Prenovice into Intermediate.

The years went on and we met occasionally at pony club events, each trying to keep our pupils on the straight. During one of those occasions I saw Caroline trying to get young Lucy Wiegersma in the correct outfit for her dressage test, Lucy having a severe bout of being an uncooperative fifteen year old. It took forever as Lucy wouldn't even lift an arm. Caroline never lost her patience and seemingly unperturbed kept working at it until the job was done.

Some fifteen years ago, together with my pupil, local event rider Claire Daniels, I visited Tregembo near Penzance, at that time the Wiegersma base, in order to see a young horse for sale. Caroline was personable and straight forward to deal with and it certainly was the right horse for Claire as Feathers brought her a long way with the highlight of going Advanced at Gatcombe.

Two years ago I dropped off a young keen rider at the Wiegersma yard near Okehampton. Caroline was with head scarf after treatment, but as always steady, in the most positive frame of mind and braving the cold in a very windy outdoor school, patiently coaching working pupils.

About a month ago I still saw her flying around Bicton on her bike. Still doing what she has done for all those years so very well. I am sure Lucy will agree with me that a huge part of her success is due to Caroline.

Steady, trustworthy, competent, committed, as trainers we can all take an example from Caroline and I actually missed out the most important one: humble.



Dressage Training

Dressage training needs variety, including pole work

Dressage Training

Dressage training needs variety, including pole work

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